Amanda Bastos Dias

Urban Designer

Amanda is an Urban Designer at Code Studio. Before joining us, she had worked extensively in the public sector in county zoning, library sciences, secondary education, and parks administration. Her experiences with the public have highlighted the importance of prioritizing social equity in all systems that determine how we live.

From solving problems of food access to designing sites for community engagement, Amanda has produced award-winning projects with real-world applications. Her experiences as a first-generation American and as a foreigner living abroad have afforded her a cross-cultural perspective that informs her inclusivity-focused and community-oriented approach to planning and design. Amanda has conducted research on public spaces, affordable housing, placemaking, transportation, public participation, international development, and green infrastructure.

Amanda has a Master of Community Planning degree from DAAP at the University of Cincinnati and a Bachelor of Science in City + Regional Planning with a Minor in Political Science from The Ohio State University.

Favorite website?

Last book read?
Happy City by Charles Montgomery

Cat or dog person?
Both, but cats.

Favorite 90’s jam?
“Smooth” by Santana feat. Rob Thomas

Peter Pan or Captain Hook?

Favorite place visited?