Amber Lewis

Urban Designer

Amber brings a unique perspective from her private and public-sector experience as well as a background in architecture, coastal resiliency, planning, residential compatibility and urban design. She assists in the creation of coherent and easy-to-understand plans and codes at Code Studio. Amber’s knack for visual and graphic representation provides informational clarity for the legibility of urban design projects.

Amber’s interest in societal compatibility and urban philosophy allows her to bring a holistic design approach to the table. Her studies along the east coast provides community-based organization, an understanding of the current best practices in urban design, a passion to implement a sense of collective efficacy and the technical skills to graphically communicate solutions for community and neighborhood development.

Amber has a Professional Bachelor of Architecture and a Bachelor of Urban Design from Florida Atlantic University.

Favorite website?

Last book read?
“The Possibility Principle” by Mel Schwartz

Cat or dog person?

Favorite 90’s jam?
“All Star” by Smash Mouth

Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Peter Pan all the way, he can fly

Favorite place visited?
Chang Rai, Thailand