Kevin Howard


Kevin is a Principal and Urban Design Lead at Code Studio. Kevin currently manages the re:code LA project, a full zoning ordinance rewrite for the city of Los Angeles, as well as a master plan and development standards project for a large-scale private development in East Austin. Kevin is also intimately involved with several other regulatory projects and city building initiatives across the country. In his work, research and advocacy, Kevin focuses on promoting abundant and equitable housing, human-oriented and resilient places, sustainability through land use planning and infrastructure systems, and the democratization of city building. Kevin is based in Austin, Texas and in his free-time enjoys carpentry, camping and spending time with his family and friends.

Kevin has a Master of Community & Regional Planning and a Master of Urban Design from the University of Texas at Austin. He received a Bachelor of Arts in Architectural Studies from the University of Washington.

Favorite website?

Last book read?
“Gentrifier” by Jason Patch, John Schlichtman, and Marc Lamont Hill

Cat or dog person?

Favorite 90’s jam?
Lounge (Closing time), Modest Mouse

Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Peter Pan

Favorite place visited?