Kortney Cena

Planning Intern

Kortney joins Code Studio with a background in economic development and urban planning. She is currently at Georgia Institute of Technology obtaining her Master’s degree in City and Regional Planning. Her research centers on people-centered economic development, suburban retrofitting & adaptive reuse, and social infrastructure. With a Bachelor of Arts in International Development and specialization in Mechanical Engineering, Kortney believes that all data has a story to tell; through responsible analysis and visualization, that story can be communicated for a purpose.

Kortney is based in Atlanta, GA but she identifies as a resident of her hometown Denver, CO. After living in all kinds of different cities both in the US and abroad, Kortney has cultivated a strong impression of the built environment’s impact on public health, social connection, and individual opportunity. For this reason, she is passionate about transit accessibility, food security, affordable housing, and the creative use of public space to build connectivity, sustainability, and quality of place.

Before joining the Code Studio Team, Kortney worked as a public agent in the Fulbright program and in both the private & non-profit sectors on projects involving equitable & sustainable development and community-driven advocacy for liveable and equitable systems of living.

Favorite website?

Last book read?
Palaces for the People by Eric Klinenburg

Cat or dog person?

Favorite 90’s jam?
“What I Got” by Sublime

Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Wendy, of course. 

Favorite place visited?
Kota Kinabalu, Malaysia