Urban Design Apprentice

I am a domesticated dog and the youngest member of the urban design team. I got the name Oala when I was 8-weeks old because I looked like a baby koala bear. Now that I’m all grown up, I look more like a grizzly bear, so my name is a little misleading. No one seems to mind though. The thing about urban design I like the most is when streets are safe for taking walks and there are lots of fun parks to play in. I am motivated best by playing ball and chewing on bones the humans bring me from Franklin’s BBQ, which is down the street from the office. If you have an extra bone to offload or need advice about collaborating with the dog community, email me!

Favorite website?

Last book read?
“Go, Dog, Go!” by Dr. Seuss

Cat or dog person?

Favorite 90’s jam?
Who Let The Dogs Out – Baha Men

Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Captain Hook

Favorite place visited?
Mud puddle