What’s happening now?

The consultants are working on a Draft Code that will be released in early March. In March and April, there will be public input opportunities on the draft code through meetings, online comments and written submission. Staff will also be working on an analysis of how the draft code will differ from the existing zoning. See links below for more information.

Why it’s happening

Form-Based Codes are a newer zoning tool that focuses on the form and placement of new structures on parcels instead of relying on a list of permitted uses. By emphasizing the building form, the character of the area is enhanced and protected because the buildings with their defining features and their placement in relation to the street and sidewalk create a strong neighborhood context.

The Haywood Road Form-Based Code was the first code adopted by Asheville in September, 2014. The River Arts District is the second area to be piloted for this tool. City Council designated funding for this project in the FY2014-15 Budget.

See a detailed timeline and more information here.

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