Throughout the month of August, the Code Studio team participated in an activity challenge. There was only one rule: 

Get moving.

All forms of physical activity counted and the total amount of time, distance, and elevation was recorded through Strava, a physical activity tracking app where we were able to view and compare our progress. The grand prize was a gift card for the person who logged the most hours. In total, the team completed 191 activities and moved over 460 miles!

John won the challenge, logging over 24 hours of activity! His activities included hiking and cycling. He also had the largest elevation total, with over 11k feet gained during his walks around the Montana hills.

The rest of the team logged other fun activities on land and in water throughout the US in North Carolina, Texas, Montana, Oregon, Washington, and Maine. Kevin hiked parts of the Pacific Crest Trail and Kelsey logged hours paddleboarding and swimming in North Carolina’s Outer Banks. Overall, the challenge was a fun way for everyone to get out of the house and have some friendly competition. The next Code Studio monthly fitness challenge started October 1st! 

John’s view of Montana’s hilly landscape during his bike ride.

View of Kelsey’s walk along the Outer Banks in North Carolina.

Chumba’s selfie with her buff showing how she’s adjusted to running during the pandemic.

A map image from Strava of John’s bike ride in Montana.

Kevin’s view during his hike of a segment of the Pacific Crest Trail in Washington.

A map image from Strava of Chumba’s run along Portland’s Southwest Waterfront.

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