Code Studio is working on ConcordNEXT, a new Zoning Ordinance for the City of Concord, New Hampshire.

The new Zoning Ordinance will be an engaging, illustrated document that will clearly guide new development with a “character-based” approach to zoning regulation. The transition to character-based zoning is a popular trend for cities that want to encourage dynamic, pedestrian-oriented development that meets the changing social, cultural and economic needs of its community. The regulating tools of character-based zoning focus on the physical form and character of the neighborhood, rather than on the separation of uses found in more conventional ordinances.

Some of the key deliverables to-date are listed below for your reading pleasure.

The Public Engagement Plan outlines the community engagement process for the ConcordNEXT project.

The Zoning Code Assessment identifies opportunities for improving the existing regulations. The Assessment focuses on the existing portions of the Zoning Ordinance that should be retained or improved. Special attention is paid to the challenge of matching zoning district dimensions to existing development patterns (many of which occurred prior to zoning).

The Character Analysis & Strategy Report categorizies the built environment into places that share common characteristics. The analysis identifies places that may require different coding approaches.

For update information on the project, visit the project website.