Max Pastore

Senior Associate

Max is a Senior Associate at Code Studio. His approach to design and planning is informed by his experience collaborating with diverse communities within complex landscapes throughout the East Coast. Max has always been particularly drawn to the inner suburb and evolving its composition to maximize equitable and sustainable outcomes. His experience includes working with private and public sector clients on streetscape and urban design standards, comprehensive plans, small area plans, future land use plans, transit-oriented joint development projects, and park master plans. Max is based in Washington, DC and enjoys exploring local neighborhoods by bike and motorcycle in his free time. Outside of work, Max recently designed, permitted, and managed the construction of his own accessory dwelling unit (ADU) in his DC backyard. The side project continues to inspire Max to make zoning more accessible and intuitive.

Max has a Master of Community Planning from the University of Maryland at College Park. He also received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture from the University of Maryland at College Park.

Favorite website?

Last book read?
“Feminist City” by Lesile Kern

Cat or dog person?

Favorite 90’s jam?
Beck – Loser

Peter Pan or Captain Hook?
Peter Pan

Favorite place visited?