Lee Einsweiler joined Jeff Wood to discuss how Planning Is Easy, Zoning Is Hard on an episode of the Talking Headways podcast. Jeff and Lee discussed zoning, including what goes into a zoning code, differing approaches to zoning in other countries, the dreaded topic of parking, as well as why zoning often hasn’t been updated for 50 years.

Listen to this episode on the Streetsblog website.

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  • Hiram Peck says:

    Lee; Great talk on the Headways Podcast. I just wanted to catch up as i have not heard you talk for a while. I am thinking of trying to get some finding in my next budget to have “an expert” come to Avon for about 3 days to talk to various groups of hard-headed New Englanders on a variety of subjects next year.
    1. Would this be of interest to you? (you always said you were a good talker)
    2. What is a ball park number for a 3 day series of sessions with a few groups? Businesses/ Commissioners/ and Residents.
    3. Would you want to bring a sketch type person with you?

    I would love to kick some butt before i leave here in a few years. I want to leave a good mark.
    If you are interested, we can chat some Friday afternoon before you head to the beer hall!
    Hiram Peck

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