Harrisonburg, Louisiana (pop. 746) is one of those places across the country left behind by new highway construction. Traditionally a community with a downtown centered on the bridge across the Ouachita River, it serves as the parish seat, with the courthouse located right in the center of this historic town. When a new taller bridge over the Ouachita River was built for hurricane evacuation purposes and State Highway 8 re-routed around the edge of the town, residents realized they were losing visitors and even locals were no longer attracted to the traditional downtown. Code Studio was asked to help the community by some long-time professional friends from nearby. The firm worked with residents and staff of the Village of Harrisonburg, Louisiana to develop a Vision Plan to help guide planning and growth for the Village in the future. This plan serves as the basis for grant-writing in support of improvements along the riverfront, within the downtown area and near their growing athletic facility area. Since the plan was produced, the Parish School Board has moved its workers back into the traditional downtown, supporting the effort with daily workers. Below is the summary poster completed following the community work sessions, which ties all the elements of the community together once again. For more information, check out the closing presentation from the workshops here.

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